Father and Daughter Duo

Following in her father's footsteps, like she did as a young child going with him on Commercial and Residential Inspections, Lisa now is a building inspector too. She enjoyed a few different parallel careers in Real Estate before she became a commercial inspector with a primary focus on Commercial Inspections in AZ.

At age 23, she worked as a Realtor with Caldwell Banker. Soon after, she received her licenses in Arizona, Oregon and Washington. This was a catalyst for owning a successful real estate investment company that came next. Researching properties and analyzing their market values in comparison with possible rehab needed, Lisa went on to being a landlord and sometimes remodeling or rehabbing houses to sell.

About 7 years later, Lisa decided to switch paths and went into loan origination. As a Mortgage Broker, it would be easier to work banker's hours to raise her newborn son. Lisa was a licensed loan originator in Arizona, Oregon and Washington and became very familiar with the steps to help people achieve the American Dream, homeownership.

Although Lisa would assist her father at Commercial and Residential Inspections throughout her life, she eventually saw the need to work full time with her father. Lisa able to inspect Commercial properties on her own. With years of experience under her belt, she stands to impress with her tenacious attitude, excelling in a mostly male dominated industry, working for Commercial and Residential Inspections to this day."